The journey to Inclusive World for the three founders began through interaction with families of special needs individuals. A much voiced concern by many parents was that the school system did not fully equip their differently abled children for a productive and fulfilling life as an adult. Most parents felt their child was capable of so much more, yet as their child grew older, doors seemed to close and the options narrowed. Opportunities taken for granted by typical young adults were simply not available for the differently abled.  There seemed to be a dearth of quality programs based on the differently abled individual’s interests and abilities. Disability seemed to exclude the differently abled individual from a well lived life where the individual feels productive and respected. Such observations led the three founders to brainstorm inclusive opportunities for such young adults.


Arts and Crafts Classes

  • Arts and Crafts Classes started in 2012. 
  • The first class generated 400 uniquely decorated and painted Diyas (clay lamps), all of which were successfully sold.
  • Projects done so far include scarves, jewelry (beading, polymer clay, weaving), canvas painting and block painting.
  • Products are sold at events such as OM Run, Jeena Yahaan Annual event, Access Braille Fundraiser event, and through Facebook advertising.
  • Due to increase in demand, we currently run weekly Arts and Crafts classes at two locations.

Python Programming Classes

  • Python Programming Classes started in 2013.
  • In 2013, two students completed Coursera’s ‘Introduction to Python Programming’ course offered by Rice University.
  • Two levels of Classes are taught by experienced Silicon Valley Engineers – Basic Python and Advanced Level Python.

Scratch Programming Classes

  • Scratch Programming classes started in Sept 2015. 
  • The curriculum covers basic programming concepts and project based learning.
  • The students in our first session successfully designed and developed many interactive games and stories.

Volunteer Jobs for the Differently Abled

  • This program was initiated in 2012 with our first partner, Girls Scouts of San Jose.
  • Inclusive World partners with local non-profits to provide dignified volunteering opportunities. 
  • Feedback on this program has been very positive, individuals have experienced happiness and a sense of purpose from their volunteer jobs. 
  • Other reported benefits have been learning social behavior at a workplace and building workplace relationships.
  • Past and ongoing opportunities include organizations such as Access Braille, Art of Living and Girl Scouts of San Jose.