Our Mission

Inclusive World’s mission is to develop skills and abilities of differently abled individuals based on their interests and goals for the future. The goal is for differently abled individuals to be able to lead a productive life of acceptance and inclusion.

How we go about it

We work with differently abled individuals and their families to recognize their desires, interests and dreams. We detect opportunities and development of skills and abilities towards their interests and offer programs that focus on their holistic development.


Our Vision

By helping differently abled youths and adults find avenues for continued professional development and social immersion, Inclusive World is part of the grassroots movement towards a more tolerant and inclusive society for individuals of all abilities. A well-lived life for a differently abled person should be one of opportunities, be they academic, employment, or hobby – a life of dignity where they are accepted and valued as an individual.


Our Values


We value our differently abled participants by focusing on their abilities rather than their disabilities, thus paving the way towards their acceptance and inclusion.

We value our FAMILIES

We honor and value the families of the differently abled individuals in their lifelong effort and advocacy for a productive live for their challenged family member.

We value our PARTNERS

We value our partners and recognize their support through program offerings and volunteer jobs, thus opening up opportunities for differently abled individuals.

We value our VOLUNTEERS

We value our volunteers who dedicate their time and effort towards our common vision of an inclusive world for all abilities.

We value our DONORS

We value our donors who help make many of our programs possible in our path toward a more inclusive and tolerant society.


To sum it all up, we value diversity – the “Inclusive” in the title of our organization says it all. Our society is a salad mix of co-existing abilities.