Seeing physical movement and controlling the behavior of Robots using programs makes programming more interesting. In this class, we leverage the Scratch Programming language from MIT to control Robots and make them move, turn, change lights, make sounds.  This sensory approach to learning helps individuals with varying range of abilities get a better understanding of the programming concepts and the opportunity to participate in the larger Robotics movement.  No knowledge of programming is necessary to learn Scratch. Buddies help support our participants at every step as needed. In the last series, participants build a Robot from a kit, write to control the Robot, and show you the different tricks that you can do with the Robot. In the last session, the students worked on controlling the Robot using a remote and do other fun things with the Robot.  In previous years, participants have worked on a Lion Knd Storyline (check it out here!) and a Finding Nemo storyline (check it out here)