An Overview

Thank you for expressing interest in our Short Video Competition! Through this event, Inclusive World hopes to provide an opportunity for artists to advocate for a topic they care about via their dance, singing, instruments, acting, or other talents. People of any age are encouraged to participate.

The Theme

In order to ensure full freedom for the artists, our theme for this year is broad. We would like artists from around the world to make a short video that discusses a topic that resonates deeply within your heart. Participants can replicate the format of a music video, a short movie, a public service announcement, or an entertaining segment, to make a visually appealing showcase of your talents. 

Learning Opportunites 

In order to prepare participants for their video submissions by August 8st, we will be hosting two virtual workshops. The first workshop (July 25th) will cover the basics of film making, which will guide participants as they film their videos. Additionally, we will be hosting a second workshop (July 26th) to introduce participants to basic video editing. 

The Details

The registration fee for teams with 1-3 participants will be a flat fee of (US)$60, and if you would like to add more members to your team it will cost (US)$10 per new person added, on top of the flat fee. For example, a team of 5 would pay (US)$60 plus (US)$10 for two additional members, so the total cost would be (US)$80. To register for this competition, participants will need to fill out the form below and provide us with your contact information. Please submit the form only once per team with the information of all the team members, and create a team name.

For the video, please restrict it to a maximum of 5 minutes in length and make sure the dialogue is in English (lyrics for songs can be in other languages). The video should include multiple camera angles, locations, and background music. Also, the videos should contain no vulgar content and must be PG. Inclusive World reserves the right to not accept any submissions that do not comply with the criteria mentioned above. The registration fees for such videos will be considered a donation and will not be refunded. 

Please ensure that the video you produce is exclusively for this competition and has not been published anywhere else prior. All applicants are required to sign another form before their video submission, which will give Inclusive World the rights to reuse your video on our website and social media. 

If there are any specific concerns or inquiries, do not hesitate to reach out to or via the contact form down below, and we will get back to you with an answer as soon as possible!



Kunal Rajan - Sound Engineer

Mani Ram - Movie Director

Vivek Elangovan - Movie Director

Balamurali Balu - Music Director

Thirumudi Thulasiraman

Eswaran Baskaran - Cinematographer


Arnavs Kicks, Arnav Bindra

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do we submit the video
Videos must be submitted as a youtube unlisted video link
Do you accept international submissions
Yes, we are accepting submissions from anywhere in the world!
How many videos are allowed per team
Each registration can only have one submission.  However, you can have multiple registrations/submissions.
What is the refund policy?
As your payment counts as a donation to Inclusive World, we have a no refund policy